Hi, my name is Jun Hyeong Park. You can call me just Jun. I’m from South Korea. My university is Soongsil University in Seoul. I have finished my senior course, and I’m going to graduate in this year.

My major is global media, I was able to study programming languages such as C++, C#, JS, and Python. Also, I have learned designing skills like photoshop, illustrator, premiere pro, and blender.

I am a 

main skill

I have studied web development for about a year. I focused on the front-end skills, but I'm trying to learn back-end skills to be a full-stack developer. Also, I'm learning various tools to adapt well to the real world.







sub skill

Before I wanted to be a web developer, I had wanted to be a game developer. For many reasons, I want to be a web developer now, but I was able to learn various computational thinking and algorithms through game development. And I can use various design tools through the knowledge I learned in my major.

Programming Languages


2D & 3D Design Tool

Language Skill

  • Korean / Native
  • English / Medium level
  • Japanese / Beginner

Soft Skill

  • Team-player
  • Organized
  • Good communicator
  • Effective
  • Time and stress manager
  • critical thinker
  • positive thinking


I have done various personal and team projects so far. This section provides a detailed view of the various projects. Except for back-end projects, the rest of the projects can be identified directly or indirectly.

Blind Clone Coding (KR)

I made this project after I decided to become a full stack web developer. This is the Blind clone coding project and I made this project from scratch. The work took about a month, and everything from front-end to back-end to publishing was done alone.

Front-end: HTML / CSS / React / Next.js
Back-end: Redux / Express / MongoDB / AWS S3
Dev-ops: Netlify / CloudType


2016 National University Semester Volunteer Corps Education Minister's

2017 National University Semester Volunteer Corps Education Minister's

2021 Global Game Challenge Planning / Story Award